Who Am I?!


⇐ That’s me. I’m Rhea and I’m based way down the South of the UK in sunny Dorset. I’m a teacher, musician, wife, choreographer, and long time anxiety sufferer.

I created this blog in April 2019 as a cathartic exercise to silence my bitch of an inner critic, ‘Moaning Myrtle’. After publishing my first post, I realised I wasn’t the only one suffering with a negatron subpersonality.

I wasn’t born with anxiety, I learnt it. And I’ve encouraged it to develop by allowing the viscous cycle of panicking about panic to carve out a hole in my confidence. I’m now on a mission to blast it in to oblivion by blogging about my thoughts, experiences and knowledge. An online and not so personal journal. I desperately want to fix my brain, and I’m hoping to help out some other poor anxious buggers in the process.

I suppose you want to know what awards I’ve won and which brands I’ve worked with? I was once part of an award winning Phil Collins tribute show and I own some Nike work out shorts. Does that count?… No? Oh… Well, here’s some useless information about me instead.

  • I love music (please look out for my blogs on new music that is rocking my world).
  • I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, the Labyrinth and Steve Perry (the singer from Journey with luscious hair).
  • I love dogs so much it hurts my heart. We don’t deserve them.
  • I’m a tea-aholic and a vegetarian-slash-occasional vegan.
  • I’m fifty shades of socially awkward.
  • I blush if I even dare look at an uncomfortable situation.
  • I sing, all the time. Whether I know the words to the song or not.

This is a new blog and I’m currently a total rookie. I have no idea what an algorithm is, and I only really worked out what a blog was last week. But, I’m so excited to learn and to grow this new technological pasture. I would love your feedback, advice, comments of any kind! What would you like to see, read, hear? You can do that by heading over to the comments page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Prefer to e-mail? Ping one over to soulsby1@hotmail.com.

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